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If you install an update GAMAO software, you should know: 
1- the update is installed on the server at the beginning and after the clients will automatically update to this version 
2-If during installation prompted the password of a file, here is the procedure: leave the installation, go to the directory "Serveur HF DB __ TRS" in this directory there are files directories and one of them bears the name of your database  delete it. Then run the setup setup, it will work properly

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When you install a new version of GAMAO, the default settings are:

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Close  Koffre

No. Absolutely not

Koffre is free, you can download it and use it as you want.

If someone offers you Koffre against remuneration not pay him anything because koffre free

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The principle of Koffre is that you secure your passwords, None can recover the main password, not even us.

it's your responsibility to remember your master password.

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Koffre uses a single data file named "passwords.pas" just save this file to get all your basic passwords.

Depending on your version of windows and your configuration file is in a different directory.

To find your data file must be sought in windows explorer.

usually you can find it:

- In the c: program files koffre

- In the C: Program Files (x86) koffre

-in the C: Users ** your username** AppData Local VirtualStore Program Files (x86) koffre

- In the C: ProgramData koffre

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