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GAMAO stands for Maintenance Workshop Computer Aided Management, it allows your company to: 
- Manage the input stream and output hardware 
- Improve your service. 
- Check the maintenance service. 
- Refine the maintenance policy. 

GAMAO Manages the input stream (Bon input) and all materials entering the studio is recorded and monitored. 
GAMAO is a customer service management software. 

GAMAO Manages the output stream (Good intervention) and after repair of equipment you will be able to establish a document certifying the release of relevant equipment 
several states are available within the software they cover all the needs of a small business maintenance. 

Several statistics are available so you can find out the transactions made by a client, to know the list of equipment even without repair, analyze your business for a specified period. 

GAMAO was created to address the key issues related to service and after sales service. 

Based on field knowledge and experience gained from users

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You are here :   Home » What is GAMAO

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